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Hello Fears, the book, is here!

Crush Your Comfort Zone And Become Who You're Meant To Be

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Hello, Fears is a growth mindset personal development book for those who are not only ready to achieve but brave enough to push out of their comfort zone.

In this inspiring and motivational new book, Michelle is challenging others to say hello! to their fears and find meaningful happiness outside the traditional definition of success.

With kick-butt attitude and a humorous *wink*, Michelle breaks down each set-back she battled on the road towards a joyful purpose.


Her stories and practical strategies encourage readers to name, accept, and embrace what's holding them back so they can be the (s)hero in their own life, not the victim.

Hello, Fears is an honest, empowering guide to living alongside what scares you.


Our fears reveal what we care about the most, so each and every challenge is an opportunity to grow, hustle, and be your most authentic self

― unapologetically.

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