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John Jacobs

Co-Founder, Life Is Good

Michelle’s radiant positive energy shines through these fresh pages of honest, quirky and inspiring personal discovery. She delivers a powerful, practical playbook for slaying your self-doubt and unleashing the daring dreamer within.


Jessica Walsh

&Walsh, 40 Days of Dating

With a mix of humor and vulnerability, Michelle shows us what can happen when we focus on the best outcomes and become our authentic selves!


Andy J. Pizza

Creative Pep Talk Podcast

No one has broken through more self-made limits than Michelle Poler, and that makes her uniquely equipped to help you smash through yours! I am so excited for you because you are holding a key that will unlock your self made prisons! This book is your secret weapon for demolishing your comfort zones and finally reaching your full potential.


Piera Gelardi

Co-Founder, Refinery29

Michelle’s book shows us just how beautifully our lives can expand when we bust through our comfort zone, show up as our full selves, and dare to say HELLO! to our fears. A critical guide book for courageous living.


Chris Guillebeau

Author of The Happiness of Pursuit and Side Hustle

Michelle’s original project inspired millions of people, including me—and with Hello, Fears it’s easier than ever to follow her example. You have nothing to fear except missing out on this message!

Rachel Hollis

Author Girl Wash Your Face

On RISE Podcast: "So many people have similar things they walk through, but have known they have a problem and haven’t done anything to change it. I love that Michelle took on fear in such a beautiful and artistic way, and I wanna honor her for that."


Listen to the full episode!

Maria Gabriela De Faria @thefaria

Hollywood Actress

Being front row at Michelle's conference, gave me the kick in the butt I didn’t know I needed. It fully changed me.

The idea of who I was, what I wanted, and how I wanted it, shifted from a place of total surrender, victim, and uncertainty to a sense of confidence, strength, and passion.

This book is like that conference on crack. A conference you get to keep forever and go back to whenever you need her badass words of wisdom.

Michelle’s story is so empowering, so inspiring and so fun and relatable, you won’t be able to put this book down.

Right now, more than any other moment, we need to say Hello to our Fears ❤️


Celebrity testimonials are GREAT, but real people’s testimonials are what I care about the MOST. Here are just some of the most powerful messages we’ve received so far from those who read my content on a daily basis. This is real people, like you, like me.

Michelle's message of embracing the serendipity of life's unpredictable nature by facing our uncomfortable fears with enthusiasm is essential for all of us who want to live a memorable and full life. If you are happy to stay stuck in the status quo DO NOT READ THIS BOOK.


— Kirsten Anderson, Playologist


Michelle is the friend we all need - the one who pushes you to go for your dreams and give the best of yourself to the world, unapologetically. Authentic, refreshing and incredibly delightful, you can’t help but fall in love with her and thank her (over and over again) for her no none sense wisdom in helping you face your fears and do it anyway! A must-read for anyone wanting to live fully.


— Yael Trusch, Jewish Latin Princess


Discovering Michelle was actually was one of the most meaningful serendipities of my life. Her message shook me to the core that now I can say: hello life and hello fears! You need to let this book impact your life as her message impacted mine.


— Andreina Brunetti, Serendipity Lover


Michelle's message will inspire you to dump the rules of your life, take hold of what others expect, and ask yourself what do YOU expect. What do you want out of this life? It can feel scary and it may not always be smooth, but Michelle shows it is ALWAYS worth it.


— Tera Wages, Bow Tie Wearer


Michelle shows us what a girl is capable of when she believes in herself. She has helped me find my own voice, face the fear of criticism, and set an example to my daughter. And THAT makes me feel like the happiest Mom in the world. 


— Virginia Herrera, Happy Mom

Michelle’s message set me free. Literally. She inspired me to embrace my alopecia and go wig-free, after 30 years of living a lie. The result was freedom. This book will do the same for you.


— Michelle Faraco, Living B@ldly


Being COURAGEOUS is easier said than done, but Michelle’s awesome story and tips make it seem possible. She’s an expert on making you feel comfortable hearing the uncomfortable, so you can be the best version of you.


— Mariana Olivares, Fearful Achiever


Michelle’s message will speak right to your heart. Her powerful story will inspire you to go for more than you’ve imagined. This book is a MUST for everyone who wants to live an outstanding and fully courageous life no matter what! 


— Stephanie Martin, Fearfully Brave


Hello, Fears is not just a movement, it’s a state of mind, a lifestyle. With this guide, you will feel more confident, courageous and you’ll get to know what you’re capable of. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It happened to me.


— Jenifer Blanco Monzon, Creative Hustler


I have Michelle’s voice in the back of my mind whenever I’m nervous about going after “too-big” goals or dreams. Her inspiring and authentic message reminds me that no fear is too big or too small to conquer and no dream is too big to dream.


— Danah Serrano-Baez, Lover of Curls


“What’s the Best that can happen?” has been a game-changer. Michelle has influenced me to say HELLO to my fears and change the way I face my everyday challenges. Thanks to this book, I’m a braver version of myself. Her message not only inspired me, but encouraged me to take action and go after my dreams.


— Maria Alejandra Nazar Naim, Cookie Enthusiast


Imagine if you could only find the purpose of your life through your fears. Crazy, huh? Well, that's what Michelle achieved by deciding one day that she would face ALL of her fears. Just for making that full-of-courage decision, she is now changing lives, and this book won't be the exception. 


— Eliana Guariguata, Creative Thinker


This book gave me the confidence to keep going in my most vulnerable moment. It outright taught me how to use the negative criticism I was receiving as the inner power to pursue my dreams.


— Chantal Cohen, Passionate Go-Getter


As humans, and especially women, we're so inclined to see the small versions of ourselves versus embracing how big we can be. This book will help you see how thinking big, without holding back, can help you, and the world around you.


— Jessica Massay, Brainstorming Badass


Fear used to drive me away from living my perfect life. Michelle’s powerful message at my college orientation empowered me to begin living in a positive and happy manner. My attitude towards my life completely changed after being exposed to Michelle’s message. I am eternally grateful for how she taught me to embrace who I am as an individual, and understand that fear is only an illusion. It can only conquer my mind if I let it. I highly recommend reading Michelle’s book, it will help you strive towards living the perfect life you have always wanted. 


— Isha Chavan, A College Student Living a Fearful Life

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